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19 March 2019 - 20 March 2019

Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda

Join this event for the opportunity for extension practitioners, the research community and policymakers to share learning from their programs and experiences, find commonalities across diverse programs, and collaborate on the three outcome pillars of extension and advisory services - productivity and incomeresilience, and empowerment and equity.

1 April 2019 - 2 April 2019

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

Born with the belief that continuous innovation in agriculture is the only way to sustainably feed nine billion people by 2050, the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture has emerged as a global authority on sustainable food production, driving innovation through exhibitions and conferences across the Middle East, Europ, and Africa. Since 2014, GFIA events have welcomed over 20,000 visitors and worked with over 50 globally significant partners committed to using the Forum as a catalyst for change. Showcasing the latest game-changing innovations and technology, each GFIA exhibition and conference offers stakeholders a pioneering forum and marketplace to foster meaningful dialogue, collaboration, recognition and year-round action between regional food producers, buyers, innovators, policymakers, and investors.

25 April 2019 - 26 April 2019

Kathmandu, Nepal

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems at the University of Florida, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), and Heifer International Nepal are hosting the Third Global Nutrition Symposium in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 25 and 26, 2019. This year’s theme is Extending Our Reach: Linking Research on Livestock Systems and Extension to Improve Human Nutrition. This Symposium will bring together livestock and nutrition researchers, extensionists, and policy-makers from West and East Africa and Asia to discuss and develop actionable strategies to connect research and extension. By bridging this gap, consumption and production of nutritious foods, such as animal-source foods, will increase resulting in improved livelihoods, nutrition, and incomes, especially for women and children. The Symposium will assess the research to extension pathways and consider research delivery and diffusion through extension services in developing countries.

30 April 2019 - 9 May 2019

Kampala, Uganda

The 11th ICT4D Conference brings together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community. Participants share how they’ve used innovations in technology to increase the impact of their work. Highly interactive and hands-on, the conference attracts a diverse audience of technical advisors, executives, and others who offer a range of practical insights on applying technology to development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.