GFRAS graphic IIThe latest GFRAS brief in the 'New Extensionist'-initiative calls for the reform of curricula and learning materials. It urges decision makers to better balance the training of extension professionals between technical and functional competencies. It promotes the idea of the “extension professional,” and the need for professional associations where extension professionals can exchange experiences and gain new knowledge. Through this brief we aim to influence the direction of pre-service education and training for new staff, and the strengthening the competencies of existing staff (in-service training).

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# RE: The New Extensionist: Core Competencies for IndividualsJane Sherman 2015-10-11 20:06
Fully support your ideas on the reform of the curriculum and learning materials, and the application of Kolb's experiential learning theory. We want to do something like this in integrating nutrition and nutrition education into extension practices. Would be nice to talk about it!

Jane Sherman
Nutrition education consultant, FAO

NB Hpe you can get rid of the UGG comment!
# Extension and nutrition messagesKristin Davis 2015-10-19 13:42
Hi Jane! Thanks for your message. Yes, let's talk - my email is . We have a report on integrating nutrition in extension on our website. Will ask our webmaster about the comment if still there.
# Blog by AESA on extension reformKristin Davis 2015-10-19 13:42
For more on this topic see