GFRAS steering committee

Members of the GFRAS steering committee as main governance body of GFRAS, provide strategic inputs for the meeting, help promoting it, and participate. A GFRAS steering committee meeting is held before the Annual Meeting.

GFRAS secretariat

The GFRAS secretariat has the main responsibility for the content-related and logistical organisation of the meeting.

CACAARI and RAS Chui-Talas

As the hosts of the meeting, CACAARI and RAS Chui-Talas are responsible for enabling a stimulating environment for global RAS actors to exchange, discuss, and find solutions to issues of concern and help with the logistical organisation of the meeting. Besides, the hosts provide financial and/or in-kind support to the meeting, and are fully responsible to organise informative and interesting field trips and a social evening.

GFRAS Annual Meeting Organising Committee

Whereas the GFRAS secretariat is responsible for the supervision, organisation, and implementation of operational tasks, the organising committee strategically guides this process and is the main decision body for content-related issues. The tasks of the organising committee include, amongst others: Selection of the topic and decision on the structure of the meeting agenda, advising on the identification and selection of participants, speakers and other resource people, ensuring that perspectives from regional levels are considered, and feeding back the results into the regions and working groups.

For the Annual Meeting 2015, the organising committee consists of the following representatives from different regions/organisations:

  • Patrice Djamen (AFAAS/RESCAR)
  • Maria Isabel Paredes (RELASER)
  • Saravanan Raj (APIRAS/AESA)
  • Edgars Linde (EUFRAS)
  • Botir Dosov (CACAARI / CAC-FRAS)
  • Elisabeth Katz (CAC-FRAS/ linking to RAS Chui-Talas)
  • Kristin Davis (GFRAS)
  • Natalie Ernst (GFRAS)

Regional Focal Points

Regional Focal Points help with the selection of sponsored participants. They are identified by their respective regional or sub-regional RAS forum, based on their knowledge and experience of RAS and RAS actors in their region, as well their knowledge of and active involvement in GFRAS (including Annual Meetings). Their main task is to advise the organising committee on the sponsorship-seeking participants of their region and therewith enable the organising committee to take a thorough and fair decision on sponsorship.