consortium The Consortium on Extension Education and Training is affiliated with GFRAS. It is a platform for academia in universities and other training institutions, researchers in the field of extension, and/or service providers to various clientele along the agriculture value chain and in need of forms of support in rural livelihoods and wellbeing. The consortium was established out of a discussion on “new extensionist” capacities needed in extension and advisory services (EAS), specifically a meeting in Pretoria, 14-15 March 2013.

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  • Championing the refining, advocacy, and dissemination of the concept of the “New Extensionist” (NE)
  • Contributing actively to the NE theoretical and research base and actively factoring such information into teaching and research curriculums aimed at training agricultural extension practitioners
  • Promoting a goodness of fit between the current realities and challenges in extension and the curricula of universities and training institutions
  • Contributing to GFRAS objectives by providing evidence through research,  documentation, and building theoretical bases for initiatives and directions
  • Acting as a platform for sharing and exchanging information and expertise (e.g. manpower, curricula, materials)
  • Contribute significantly to building and providing background material for a Handbook of Good Practice for agricultural extension practitioners in the employ of public extension services and academics training agricultural extension practitioners
  • Providing guidance and expertise to GFRAS about regional and national processes (e.g. agricultural extension policy formulation, development of tools, methodologies and monitoring and evaluation)
  • Contributing actively to the process of documenting the evolution and development of the practice, science and research of agricultural extension
  • Undertaking actions to promote the science of extension through the GFRAS Annual Meeting, regional network activities, scientific conferences, and joint research projects  and publications  
  • Contributing to the development and promotion of quality assurance norms and standards in extension training and delivery at all levels
  • Serving as mentors and role models to stimulate the interest of youths to opt for careers in agricultural extension



  • Support the professional development core group of the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education ( to promote core competencies for the new extensionist
  • Collect and disseminate standards and other materials related to curriculum, education and training
  • Set standards for quality and certification of curriculum contents
  • Consolidate a pool of expertise to deal with issues of curriculum, education and training at regional and national level through the GFRAS roster of experts
  • Develop guidelines for the development of curriculum
  • Document reform progress and challenges
  • Seek support to carry out the functions outlined
  • Develop a guide/checklist for how to identify capacity gaps

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Face to Face Meeting in Pretoria 2015

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Joint Webinars with the Association for International Agricultural and Extension Association AIEEA

Event 1 - Webinar: Overview of the “New” Extensionist (December 4 2013)

Leader: GFRAS, Njala University and the University of Pretoria

Outcome: Understanding of what is new about the new extensionist and new competencies needed.

Event 2 - Webinar: Individual core capacities (March 2014)

Leader: University of the West Indies

Outcome: Understanding of the key (prioritized) competencies needed for extension education today


How do I take part?

For more information or to become a member, please send your Name, Institution, Role, Area of specialization, Country, and Contact details to Dr Adolphus Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Founding members

  • Abdel-Al Mohamed – Egypt (Cairo University)
  • Ali Muhammad – Pakistan (Arid Agriculture University)
  • Akeredolu Mercy – Nigeria (WinRock International/SAFE)
  • Cardenas Virginia – Philippines (University of the Philippines Los Banos)
  • Dolly David – Caribbean (University of the West Indies)
  • Fatch Paul – Malawi (College of Agriculture)
  • Groenewald Izak – South Africa (University of the Free State)
  • Johnson Adolphus – Sierra Leone (Njala University) (lead)
  • Lategan Francois – South Africa  (University of Fort Hare)
  • Ngomane Tsakani - South Africa (University of Pretoria)
  • Sulaiman Rasheed - India (Center for Research on Innovation and Science Policy)
  • Terblanche Fanie - South Africa (University of Pretoria)
  • Van Niekerk Johan – South Africa (University of Limpopo & Free State)
  • Zwane Elliot – South Africa (University of the Free State)