wg policyThe GFRAS policy group was formed at the request of the GFRAS steering committee due to the high level of interest in this topic, especially in Africa.

The working group will:

  • Harmonise activities within policy making for extension and advisory services
  • Link demands to resources within policy activities
  • Make information and resources publicly available on the relevant web sites

East Africa Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services Policy Dialogue

June 18 2015, Kampala, Uganda

At the core of this policy dialogue were the results of the scoping study on the status of the AEAS policies in Africa and their alignment to the Comprehensive African Agricultural Development (CAADP agenda.

The event served also as a test case for further policy dialoques in other counries.

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RAS policies - evidence and practice - GFRAS Annual Meeting 2014

icon pdf Meeting report (pdf 1.36MB)

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icon target Extension Policy Compendium: a collection of materials

Demands for a RAS Policy Guide - Questionnaire September 2013 

A policy can be defined as a regulatory framework to guide decisions and achieve out-comes. The  GFRAS working group on policy together with the Modernizing Extension and Advisory Services (MEAS) developed the idea to elaborate a guide for extension policy and a survey was conducted in September and October 2013 to identify the demand for such a document.

icon pdf Results Policy Questionnaire (pdf 599KB)

icon pdf Conclusions & Recommendations of the Policy Questionnaire (pdf 193KB)

icon pdf Extension Policy questionnaire (pdf 242KB)

GFRAS Policy Meeting, 13 March 2013, Hotel Roodevallei, Pretoria, South Africa

icon pdf Report Policy Meeting 2013 Pretoria (pdf 711KB)

icon pdf GFRAS Action and Events Plan at Global Level (pdf 276KB)

icon pdf K-Davis Introduction (pdf 621KB)

icon pdf M-Kamau Kenya Steps of policy development (pdf 624KB)

icon pdf L-Botsheleng Consultation process (pdf 778 KB)

icon pdf M-Zinnah Challenges of follow up (pdf 348KB)

icon pdf M-Eweg Summary Tips for implementation and stakeholder engagement (pdf 155KB)

icon pdf M-Olupot Summary Areas for harmonisation key questions (pdf 85KB)



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